Frequently Asked Questions About The Brick Shows Live

What is the Brick Show Live all about?

The Brick Show Live is a series of shows intended for Lego fans. These shows are held in different locations across London with the help of our sponsors from Toys R Us, The Ticket Factory, See, Fun Kids Digital Radio and Online, Warner Brothers Games, Excel London, and NEC.

How can I participate in your Brick shows?

You can participate in the Brick shows by becoming a Brick volunteer or submitting your own Lego creations for display in our shows. Those interested to become Brick volunteers can just fill out the application form on our Take Part page so that we can contact you immediately. Volunteers are not paid in monetary value but exciting tokens are to be given out to each volunteer. There is no special skill needed, just a genuine interest in people and love for Legos. For those who have made their own creations and want to show their work to our guests, kindly submit pictures of your finished products and we will have them for review. Since we receive a lot of submissions, there is no guarantee that we can accommodate all Lego artworks but our panel of judges will choose the best creations that will be included in our exhibits.

I am a Lego fan outside of London. How can I join in on all the Lego fun?

You can join our Lego community by signing up in our mailing list. You will receive the latest Lego and Brick Show updates through our e-newsletters. By signing up also, you are automatically qualified to join our contests for giveaways on our website.

When will the next Brick Show Live be held?

Our team is still coordinating with our sponsors for the date and venue of the next Brick Show. Stay tuned for announcements on how you can get your tickets.

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