Brick Lovers all over the world!

Brick Lovers all over the world!

This is the official website of Brick Shows Live – the show built for Lego fans. This page is for Lego enthusiasts of all ages from different parts of the world.
In this website, we have all the surprises and updates for Lego fans. Bricks enthusiasts will be delighted to see Lego mosaics, brick pits, brick flicks, Lego new releases as well as classic designs. The Brick Treasure Trail will take you to see animals of all shapes and sizes, the Titanic ship, Justice League characters, Avengers superheroes, Star Wars, and amazing robots all built out of Lego pieces. We have interesting news for the Lego community about inspiring creations, Mindstorms, new Bricks on display, and Lego films. Read about the Brick history featuring the Brick City, Brick Wonders, Brick Flicks, and Brick vehicles. We also offer workshops and activities to engage your creative minds and hands and produce Lego masterpieces for the world to see.



Yes, we are giving away not just one but five Lego Dimensions Gaming Capsules! So, who wants to have one? I bet Brick lovers are asking how they could join the contest. Well, it is very easy. You just have to sign up for our Brick Show Newsletter! What are you waiting for? Sign up now and join our Lego Dimensions Gaming Capsule Giveaway brought to you by our sponsor Toys R Us.

Deadline for joining is on January 15, 2018. Winners will be randomly chosen through an electronic raffle which you can watch live on our Facebook page on January 18, 2018, at 6:00 in the evening.

I was able to attend the Brick Show live in ExCel, London. I was with my almost 4-year-old son. It is really amazing how we both enjoyed looking at the exhibitions of different Lego creations made by fellow Brick lovers from different parts of the world. Even as a grown-up, “I am inspired by the works of their hands and I can only hope that my son would be just as creative as them. We also got a chance to watch our favorite Lego movies. We also bonded over building blocks to form brick cities. It was really a fun moment for my son. Thank you, Brick Show!”

Albert G.

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Hello, fellow Brick Lovers!

The Brick Shows office is located at 5 Howick Place London, SW1P 1WG.

If you want to be part of our mailing list so that you can receive the latest newsletter from Brick Shows, kindly send us your email at list@brickshows.co.uk so that we can include you in the loop!

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