I was able to attend the Brick Show live in ExCel, London. I was with my almost 4-year-old son. It is really amazing how we both enjoyed looking at the exhibitions of different Lego creations made by fellow Brick lovers from different parts of the world. Even as a grown-up, I am inspired by the works of their hands and I can only hope that my son would be just as creative as them. We also got a chance to watch our favorite Lego movies. We also bonded over building blocks to form brick cities. It was really a fun moment for my son. Thank you, Brick Show!
Albert G.

It was an unforgettable experience for me when the Brick Show chose my Lego creation to be part of their exhibit during the Brick Show 2015. All my life I have always been fascinated by Lego blocks and the idea that you could make anything from those little blocks and pieces. So, from day to day, I just let my mind wander and dictate what I should make with the classic Lego pieces in front of me. Until I realized that I have built an almost life-size robot out of all the Lego blocks that I have in our house. I had it on display in our living room and our visitors would always commend my work. Until a friend of mine suggested that I submit my creation to the Brick Show. This got me really excited so I took pictures of my Lego creation and submitted it to the organizers of the show. After a week, they contacted me that they wanted to put my Lego robot on display in their mall show. It was really an unforgettable experience as fellow Brick lovers came over to admire my work and took pictures of it. I was more inspired to continue creating and building beautiful artworks out of my classic Lego blocks. See you at the next Brick Show!

Marion L.

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